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South Florida Child Pornography Defense Lawyers

Under current Florida and federal law, individuals caught in possession of photographs, motion pictures, videos or other recorded images of real minor-age children engaged in a sexually explicit activity may be charged with a felony for child pornography or sexual exploitation. In order to get a conviction for the charges, however, prosecutors must prove that the defendant was aware of possessing the material and that the person in the content was clearly under the age of 18.

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Child pornography laws often come down to protecting your First Amendment rights to free speech. The First Amendment protection attorneys of Benjamin & Aaronson, P.A. located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, have been protecting businesses and individuals charged with internet solicitation, possession of child pornography and related felonies and misdemeanors for more than 23 years. Since 1984, our experienced trial attorneys have been recognized for providing aggressive, effective legal representation for good, well-meaning adults charged with doing nothing more than downloading legal materials in the privacy of their own home. We have also represented law-abiding citizens who were arrested for participating in chat rooms that have been set up as illegal sting operations by police. The law is clear. If you did not knowingly engage in a criminal act, there was no criminal intent involved.

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If law firms like Benjamin & Aaronson are not willing to help you fight to protect your rights, there may soon be no rights left to protect.

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